Project: 2nd Wind: Running that Extra mile

I’m registered for the 2011 ConduraSkywayMarathon (Full Marathon Category) this Feb. 06, 2011 .  I’m very excited for this event because this race has been an unfinished business for me last 2010 . But what makes me more excited is this :

This is my main event after the ConduraSkywayMarathon. So what is this ? Please see attached letter.


Please contact me for further details : 09175661123 / 09228481714 /


Race Review:2010 Condurarun 21Km (So many firsts for this race)

So Many Firsts:

First Race for the Year : Since I have decided to wisely choose the races that I’ll be joining this is my first run for the year 2010.

First Race After My Wedding : I’m actually preparing for the Full Marathon for Condura however I got busy last quarter of 2009 for my wedding preparation. I got married last Dec. 18, 2009. 😀

Me and my wife:(She didn’t join the race though)

First Time to Run on the Skyway : I joined the Condurarun last year but only for the 5km race so I decided to go for at least the Half Marathon Event this year to experience running on the Skyway.

First Race for my Supernova Sequence : Since I have preserved my Supernova Sequence and I seldom join races especially during the last quarter , this is the first race for miAdidas Supernova Sequence.

First Year Anniversary Race : Though a month advanced (Condura 2009 was sometime in March), I consider this to be my anniversary race because this was the first race I joined last year. 🙂

First Race of Aldrich : This is the first race of my officemate  and he was able to finish his 10km race with a decent time . Congrats dude….

The Actual Review :

What I liked :

  • The race started on time.
  • The fireworks display before gun start of every event.
  • Nice number of hydration stations.. (Special Mention to the Support Station of  Reinier Pacific and
  • The Skyway route is really a great experience.
  • The marching bands at various points of the race route really gave the runners an inspiration. Somehow made me hyped especially on my way back.
  • The booths at Condura village.From Ice cream sticks to back issues of men’s/women’s health , the asics expo , etc.
  • Prompt release of the race results.

I’m happy with this race because aside from the Skyway experience and the well organized event , I was also able to have a new PR for my 21km race. 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is such a nice start for my year. Im really looking forward to have my full marathon this year. Will continue to build mileage and who knows might make it for Milo Eliminations. 🙂

Shoe Review : Adidas Supernova Sequence (miAdidas)

When I registered for the Adidas King of the Road last October , I was informed that I can avail a 50% off on a miAdidas pair of shoes. By that time , my NB749 are starting to show signs that it’s retiring , and I saw that the Supernova Sequence has a miAdidas version. I grabbed their offer and immediately the store rep , myself and  my ex-girlfriend (she’s my wife now)  started the shoe design. I was advised that it will take 3 to 4 weeks before I can have my pair.

After less than 4 weeks of waiting , here is the finish product.

The base color is Sand with a combination trim of Light Orange and Silver. I was able to add an embroidered text (it’s my wedding date) .

There were only 2 colors available for the sole , so I chose the black one .The Pro Moderator (I use stability shoes by the way) part is the part that looks like a web. Adiprene is available on the small part of the forefoot (small grey colored part).

The Adidas Pro-Moderator is a lightweight, highly stable yet durable, midsole motion control that enables a great toe-off.

adiPRENE Cushioning
adiPRENE is a highly shock-absorbent material that cushions and protects your heel impact. Optimized to offer you maximum cushioning along with great durability.

I was also able to choose for a team logo for the heel part..And I find this to match with my color c”,) . Formotion (silver part above the sole)  is available

The shoe collar features geo-fit technology.

geoFIT is an internal footwear technology that enhances fit and comfort by placing padding in anatomically correct areas.

The sole features adiwear technology.

adiWEAR Outsole
An extremely durable, non-marking rubber used primarily for high-abrasion areas in tennis shoe and road running shoe outsoles.

The First 5kms.

I have only used this pair for a short 5.5km run around the Ayala Triangle. I have preserved it up to my wedding date.  But now it’s done , this pair needs to hit the roads 🙂 .

I can feel the support provided by the pro-moderator. My feet felt more secure.

Cushion wise, I feel more comfortable wearing this than my NB 749 I’m just not sure if it will be the same after some long distance runs.

In terms of weight , I find this pair a little heavier than my NB749.

This pair will make its debut race on Condura this Feb but I will need to do more break in before the actual race.

Shoe Review : NB 749 (Retired)

I consider this pair of shoes to be my first real running shoes because this is the first pair that I purchased after having my foot analyzed. 🙂 . Thanks to Runnr Store and Athlete’s Foot in Glorieta…

The NB 749 is considered to be NB’s entry level Stability shoes.

Features :

NB 749 Features

Other Features :

NLOCK – For added support and comfort

StabilityWeb – added medial support

NB Endurance – for longer mileage on any kind of road

NB medial support and NB NLOCKStability Web and Endurance

The medial support area (The grey colored portion) and the stability web (plastic plate in the sole) are NB’s technologies to address runners’ problem on pronation. I think NB was successful on this part because it has indeed allowed me to run better. 🙂

What’s good with this pair is that it gets better as you use them . One reason is the fact that the feet and the shoot are starting to have a deeper relationship.

I’m happy with the mileage that this pair has reached but I was hoping I can reach 650 on this one. Nonetheless , I’m still satisfied.